Two Transvestites Injured By Unknown Gunmen Fire in Mardan

Two Transvestites Injured By Unknown Gunmen Fire in Mardan

Spogmai file photo source From Trans Action Facebook

Story By Junaid Ibrahim & Zahoor Alam khan Swat:

Pakistan has been considered a dangerous place for LGBT, on Monday night two transgender were injured when unknown gunmen opened fire on them in Takht Bhai Mardan, according to the news source one of the injured transgender is identified as Calajai which was badly injured due to receiving four bullets in her body. Mr. Taimoor Kamal coordinator Alliance told, 66 transgender person have been killed without a single convection in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa since 2015.

Shakila Photo from Trans Action Facebook
According to a duty Doctor, she has been treated in critical situation at Mardan medical complex, The transgender Associations President of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Farzana told that the other injured transgender Spogmai has yet been recovered, A first information report (FIR) has been registered at local police station. She added the transgender’s community in Pakistan should be protected from such kind of incidents, Farzana ask for the justice with Injured persons, she further told Transgender Shakila was kidnapped for ransom, a lot of our community member aren’t safe, it is the duty of the State to secure our Sisters.
Group photo source Trans Action
Publish by 19 June 2019

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