Here is what Jennifer Aniston ‘hates’ about dating

Here is what Jennifer Aniston ‘hates’ about dating

Actor Jennifer Aniston is ready to date again, a year after her split from ex-husband, Justin Theroux. But she “hates” being set up by friends and family.

The 50-year-old opened up about her love life in an interview on the radio program, the Howard Stern Show. When asked whether she was currently dating anyone, reports the Radar, Aniston told the host that she was “very, very busy” these days and just doesn’t have the time to go out on a date.

She further added that she was enjoying being single for now.

When Stern offered to set up the former F.R.I.E.N.D.S star, Aniston replied: “Not right now. But listen, I just don’t like being set up. I don’t like it. Hate it.”

The actress was married to 48-year-old Theroux for two years. Earlier, she was married to actor Brad Pitt.

In the same interview, Aniston said that, while the cast would “love” a reboot of the famous sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, “it won’t even be close to as good as it was, so why do it? It would ruin it.”

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